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During some of the most exciting times of Tuesday's career stood Nikki, her right-hand.  Needing to fulfill one of Nikki’s dreams… Poet’s Jazz House opened,  It’s tag…just somewhere to go in the midst of searching your soul.  A Poetry Lounge where spilling your heart is an art and searching your soul is mandatory to get in the door...and the cover charge is always free every Thursdee.  PHJ is a beatnik tea house where there is snapping instead of clapping, the atmosphere is Lax but it Sizzles.   All are welcome to come touch, be touched; hear the answer, heed the call...  “


Poet’s Jazz House gives Spoken Word Poets, Musicians & Artist the opportunity to showcase their talent and sale their art at no cost to the artist or public.  Creating a heaven for artist to express theirselves in total freedom.   And for the artists who have made this little space a home… a homework assignment is put into each weeks program, helping the artist to focus on self and mind… and Poet’s Jazz House is where Tuesday’s writing talents are honed.

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