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Tuesday begain producing live events at the age of 17 at the Foxx Follies Theare.  At the time she was a C.I.T.A. student at Inner City Cultural Center where she honed her career in Costuming theare while a dresser on Ted Lange's "Born a Unicorn".  Sewing was an easy way to make money; like her monther she could sell the clothes off her back and costuming was her passion until she said one time to many...I'm a costumer by Trade but a Writer at heart.  


Tuesday put her sewing skills to the side and focused on writing which she discovered began to heal her soul when she wrote poetry.  Her intensity as a designer catches on fire as a'll sit on the edge of your chair holding back the tears as she spits the truth of reality.


Conner4Reel Productions..


Conner4Reel Productions.  It is a fully equipped studio with Lights, Cameras, a video village, an Editing bay an some of the most talented filmmakers in Los Angeles. When you're ready to make magic we'll help bring your vision to life.  We have the combined capabilities of publicity, video production and post-production.  Our productions include: TV commercials, PSA's, branded videos, fashion films, celebrity productions and Award Winning Short Films.


Irie Vibes ArtSpace...


Irie Vibes is an Educational and Cultural Space; a performance place, gift shop and bookstore.  We offer guidance, resources and space to those with a desire and a passion to expand their world through the creative arts.  Whatever your passion we’ll help you achieve it.  Whether you want to write a book, make a dress, record a CD, change your direction or become an Actor; we’ll help you turn your dreams into reality.



Inner City Cultural Center II, Inc...

Inner City Cultural Center founded by C. Bernard Jackson & Dr. Alfred E. Canon was the first Multicultural Arts Institute in the country whose mission was to provide a place where artist could learn, cultivate and grow.  The Alumni of Jack's Dream carries his legacy on thru performances, teaching our youth self expression and cultural events.  A family bond was created at the worlds greatest arts institutre of our time.  It is our mission to carry out Jack's Legacy and bring to you the most enjoyable entertaining experience!


Royal Queens United...

Tuesday is the Executive Director of an Eclectic tribe of Artists, Teachers and Business Women who Spread Wisdom, Inner Healing and Mentoring through Music, Poetry & Art in order to Bring Love, Harmony & Prosperity to the Community. The Royal Queens welcome Sisters of all ages and races to Come Express her Heart through Art and an Open Sister Circle Forum Discussion on How to Live a Happy Life on the 4th Sunday of every month.


Poets's Jazz House…just somewhere to go in the midst of searching your soul.

Tuesday is the Founder of a Spoken Word & Music Lounge where spilling your heart is an art and searching your soul is mandatory to get in the door...and the cover charge is always free every thursdee.  It's a beatnik tea house where there is snapping instead of clapping, the atmosphere is lax but it Sssizzles. Come touch, be touched, hear the answer, heed the call...  


Costuming Hollywood & Broadway...

She remembers sewing at 4.  Her mom said she was younger then that.  She had clients by age 11.  By 18 she was a dresser in the theatre.  Tired of always being the assistant she went back to school; after her B.A. she was an assistant at Bob Mackie's Blouse division. Soon thereafter she was assistant costumier at the Lincoln Center.  Two years later she was head designer for shows on Broadway.  Back in Hollywood she hooked up with Chaka Khan and then she retired from designing; or as some would say...she went on hiatus.


The Gift of Knowledge Foundation...


As Executive Director it is Tuesday's obligation to Help the Youth Find their Mission and Purpose in Life, Spread Love, Knowledge  and Wisdom. We are committed to Encourage and Motive the Youth to Open their Minds & Expand their Horizon.  We provide art and educational platforms to enhance youth skills to assure self substainablility and a better opportunity to become productive citizens in their community.

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